VERO CAR RENTAL : a car rental company mainly dedicated to the residents of the northern towns of Martinique.

Much of the population of these northern towns isn’t fortunate enough to own a vehicle. This reality constitutes a factor of isolation and a major constraint for the work commute of these residents, their leisure trips or to simply meet the needs of their families.



In light of this, Vero Car Rental, based in the town of Lorrain, helps these families with their travels by offering low rates of:

  • 25€/day for petrol engine cars
  • 30€/day for diesel engine cars

Vero Car Rental offers a vehicle fleet, new and in good condition which are available in the towns of Morne Rouge and Lorrain; and for a fee of 15e – provides the pick-up/drop-off of the cars throughout Martinique.

Vero Car Rental gives a warm welcome to its local and tourist clientele.
To contact the team of Vero Car Rental, visit

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